It's all about the light. Turning light and shadow into magic. I constantly watch and observe how light and shadows reveal the world around us be it a sunrise/sunset, window reflections at noon, a model in a studio or an interesting face any time, any place.

I am a musician turned photographer. I shot film for many years but with the advent of digital it greatly enhanced my creativity. I use the inspiration and passion I felt for music and channel that into my work as a photographer. My goal is to capture and share my observations and passion and hopfully inspire others to do the same.

Clients Worked With and For:

FHL Bank
Mark Gold - Century 21
Trish McLean - Terra Firma
J.C. Lewis Insurance
John Hanses Photography
Redwood Cafe
Rachel Vaden Yoga
Judy Rukat Yoga
Jim Judivine Chiroprachtic
Laurie Tanner Mobile Fitness
Santa Rosa Community Acupuncture
Brian McStay Photography
Randy Wentzel Photography
Sherrie Rochel Blondin Photography
Cotati Animal Hospital
Judy Rukat Yoga
Red Car Winery
Source Photography

Through Source Photography:

The Yard
Hotel Nikko
SF Giants Marketing

Movie shoots:
Rubicon's Broken

Natalia Mishin
Ran Wei
Ashley Tuttle
Eugenia Buzogly
Danica Marsh
Sonia Kakkar
Michael Ritz
Rebecca Bujko
Elvi Elvira
Yerevan Saraswati Dewa
Kristina Rudzinskaya
Saydee Litell

Art Galleries:
Petaluma Riverfront Art Gallery

Aqus Music Festival
St Patty's Day Parade
Chinese New Year Parade
Italian Street Painting Festival
Moon Festival
Spoonbar Fasion Show
Sherrie Rochel Blondin Fashion Show
Dragon Boat Festival
Red Car Winery Club Member Events

Events Through Source Photography:
Facebook Summer Party
Facebook Holiday Party
Facebook Anniversary Party
Netflix 50 Thousand Users Party
Genentech Halloween Party
Natera Holiday Party
WhatsApp Holiday Party
The Yard - SF Giants Opening Day
Visa Holiday Party
Genentech Summer Party

Equipment List

Cameras(all Nikon):
D4 - (Two)

Lenses(all Nikon):
24mm 1.4
24mm 2.8
24mm 2.8 PC Control
35mm 2.8
50mm 1.4
50mm 1.8
85mm 1.4
85mm 2.8
105 micro 2.8
200mm 4.0
300mm 2.8
14-24 2.8
17-35 2.8
24-70 2.8
70-200 2.8
70-300 3.5-5.6
18-55 3.5-5.6
28-300 3.5-5.6

Flashes(all Nikon):
SB900 - 2
SB600 - 1

Reflectors(all California Sunbounce)

Elinchrom 600RX - 2
Elinchrom Ranger - 2
Profit D1 - 2

Softboxes & Modifiers:
Elinchrom Rotolux 58" - 2
Elinchrom Rotolux 52" - 1
Elinchrom Snoot - 2
Westcott 48" (for speedlights)
Orbis Ring Flash (for speedlights)
Saberstrip (for speedlights) - 2
Gary Fong Half Cloud (for speedlights) - 2
Various umbrellas white, silver and translucent
Profoto 1x4 Softbox - 1
Profoto 2x3 Softbox - 2
Profit Magnum Reflector - 1



Epson 4900
Epson 3800

Numerous light stands, boom and accessories
Innovatronix battery pack for two strobes
Quadro battery pack for two speedlights
Black Rapid duo camera strap
Backdrop stand
Wescott Triflector for portraits
Several Think Tank camera bags for regular use and travel.